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Websites & Online Marketing

Knowing What to do is half the battle

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About Us

Don't Worry, we'll take care of it

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Why Wizard Consulting

[/section][section customclass=””]Simply put. We care. We take our job and YOUR business seriously and think of it as if it were our own company. We want to make sure our work makes your business look impressive, but most importantly drives customers and clients to your front door. With our expert designs, SEO, and branding know how you can rest assured that your online business portal is the best on the block. It is our mission to increase visitor engagement, and improve your site’s conversion ratio. Let us show you how we can send prospective business coming to you, because the online digital web-space is complex, non-stop, and fast moving. [/section][/columns][columns span=”6″ customclass=””][section customclass=””]

Our Philosophy

[/section][section customclass=””]Help, Engage, Teach, Growth, and Prosper. those who have been passed by the ever changing world and speed at which technology and online business moves. Need a new website designed? Need help with search engine marketing & pay per click campaign management? Our team can help build your website, redesign your old one, optimize for SEO, set up social media management, and develop your business’s online digital brand strategy. [/section][/columns][/row][row customclass=””][skillset customclass=””][skill title=”HTML5″ percent=”89″ color_code=”#673653″][skill title=”CSS3″ percent=”91″ color_code=”#673653″][skill title=”Jquery” percent=”92″ color_code=”#673653″][skill title=”Wordpress” percent=”94″ color_code=”#673653″][/skillset][/row][row customclass=”add-top”][columns span=”12″ customclass=””][sectionheading customclass=””]People[/sectionheading][subheading customclass=””]PERSONNEL AND BIOS[/subheading][/columns][/row][row customclass=””][columns span=”12″ customclass=””][team customclass=””][/columns][/row][row customclass=”highlight-section pad-top-extra pad-bottom-extra add-top-half”][section customclass=””][sectionheading customclass=””]What They Say[/sectionheading][subheading customclass=””]Testimonials[/subheading][/section][section customclass=””][columns span=”4″ customclass=””][testimonial image_url=”http://webdesign.wizardtechconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/shaun.png” authors_name=”Shaun Laursen” company_name=”Port City Construction Services – Charleston, SC”]I love the website guys! My customers keep complimenting me on it, and the best part is my business and traffic has all but tripled. Thanks Again. You rock. [/testimonial][/columns][columns span=”4″ customclass=””][testimonial image_url=”http://webdesign.wizardtechconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/danny.png” authors_name=”Danny Schumpert” company_name=”Bland & Pedal Landscaping, LLC- Columbia, SC”]I was assured my businesses would appear on the first page, at the top no less, within 1 month. Well, they did it! Within 1 month, and for the keywords I wanted to be found with. Very Professional![/testimonial][/columns][columns span=”4″ customclass=””][testimonial image_url=”http://webdesign.wizardtechconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/mark.png” authors_name=”Mark Hatting” company_name=”Freedom Fence Co., – Summerville, SC”]I didn’t have any online presence & no clue where to start. They took care of me & in 3 mons. (no exaggeration) my phone was ringing off the hook. Now I am so busy I can’t handle it. [/testimonial][/columns][/section][/row]


the best in class services we can offer

[services customclass=””][service_item icon_code=”01a” title=”Branding” link=”#”]Our services will establish your company brand with your desired target market. Branding is essential and makes you stand out against your competitors. [/service_item][service_item icon_code=”07e” title=”SEO” link=”#”]We will gladly review your current website for search engine optimization improvements, user experience updates, and other up to date essentials of internet marketing.[/service_item][service_item icon_code=”073″ title=”Consultation” link=”#”]If you just want to talk, that is fine with us too. We are here to help. We can and do provide affordable and effective training and consulting services.[/service_item][service_item icon_code=”197″ title=”Android” link=”#”]Android is Google’s operating system that runs about 64% of today’s smart phones (that aren’t iPhones). Our client’s sites are developed and built to work with perfectly on android handheld devices.[/service_item][service_item icon_code=”195″ title=”iOS” link=”#”]Just like Android; iOS is the operating system that runs iPhones and Apple devices. Our sites are responsive and optimized for all mobile Operating Systems, including IOS.[/service_item][service_item icon_code=”1b9″ title=”HTML5″ link=”#”]HTML5 offers developers new and impressive markup tools and is now closer than ever to total browser compliance.[/service_item][/services][row customclass=”highlight-section pad-top-extra pad-bottom-extra”][section customclass=”align-center”][sectionheading customclass=””]What We Do[/sectionheading][subheading customclass=””]Technology – Intelligence – Insights[/subheading][/section][section customclass=””][columns span=”2″ customclass=””][/columns][columns span=”2″ customclass=””]02[/columns][columns span=”2″ customclass=””]03[/columns][columns span=”2″ customclass=””]04[/columns][columns span=”2″ customclass=””]Search Engine Optimization Services[/columns][columns span=”2″ customclass=””]social media management services[/columns][/section][/row]

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