I know this will come as a surprise to you, but there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of small business owners that have yet to harness the power of the internet to grow their business. Many of them (especially old schoolers) still rely on and are programmed for how they used to do it. I can understand that. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. We know many small business owners don’t know where to begin and have been burned in the past spending money to only have a website produce no results, be costly, and ineffective. For a very small investment new technologies have eliminated that worry.

There are some really cool tools out there now that make web marketing, and web design really simple these days. One of my favorites is Mobirise, a very easy to use drag and drop design interface anyone can load onto their PC or MAC and off you go. Just upload images, drag modules around, type out your content and you’re website is good to go. You may have to hire someone to load it up onto a web server and set up the forms, but that’s about it. This website, a pawn shop in Charleston SC, has used Mobirise to showcase their wares, and market their store very effectively. Here is another example of a Mobirise site done for a client who has a small business doing commercial restaurant kitchen appliance repair in Houston Texas. Another example that I like to use is a swimming pool cleaning Charleston SC company that we did for another small business using this same method because of its effectiveness as well as house painters in Charleston SC.

Another, but slightly more involved is by using pre-made templates whereby a designer developer has already done the design and development code as well like Mobirise, but the site is more complex. So, if you feel you want something that may look a little more professional, snazzy if you will and one of my favorite vendors is WrapBootstrap where themes and templates are little as $4. Here is an example of a real estate theme we purchased and then totally customized after for new construction homes in Charleston SC.

Here we have customized a pre-designed template for this realtor websites for sale project and although it has a lot of custom elements to it, because the CSS and code files were done, it was much faster. We think the result is pretty nice.

This Daniel Island Park real estate website is a great use of one of these pre-built themes. Here we can see where the navigation was designed, the header, and other elements already, but some slight custom code did have to be done. Having the CSS, JAVA script and PHP already completed makes things much faster and much simpler than trying to start from scratch. Mind you both the Charleston pawn shops site, and the Homes for sale Daniel Island are both HTML sites vs a CMS platform such as WordPress they are perfect for business owners who do not need or believe they will be doing a lot of changes to their online marketing strategy.

One of our main clients has had us build many different versions of their Charleston SC real estate website for them, to which we have changed, added features, and elements many times, but as one can guess this is not a simple task.