Many of our clients and customers come to us and the first thing they say is I want a “nice website”, one that is beautiful and grabs the visitor’s attention. Well of course you do, but in the world of construction, home contractors, builders and the like it’s a different game all together.

It goes without saying that a website must be engaging, eye popping and nice to look at but when it comes to service based businesses it’s all about building trust and credibility. Especially when it comes to web traffic because unless the visitor is on your site because they were referred to you/ it – then you have but seconds to get them to perform a call to action; such as call you or fill out a lead form. That is THE MOST important part of building a site for contractors in the construction fields.

Houston TX heating and air conditioning contractor Chip Schiller told us that everyone of his customers base their decision on who they use for their needs based on customer reviews from either Angies List, Yelp, Yellow Pages, or Google +, and understandably. Without reviews there is no other way to build visitor trust and engagement.

No matter how nice we make your site look, how fast it loads, or how optimized it is for page rank if YOUR customers don’t fill out reviews on one of the above platforms then all of it will be for nothing. Charleston SC home builder Precision Construction makes a point to mail out $5 “thank you” gift cards to every customer/client that fills out a review somewhere. You might be saying it’s only $5, but who cares if you do a good job the likelihood of them writing a nice review for you will probably happen anyway, but by showing a simple small “thank you”, further increases the chances of them telling others about you.

So, in conclusion when your web designer gets to work on making you have the best site on the block the rest is on you. If you do good work, whatever your business or career make sure you do a great job and business will come your way. An unbelievably pretty well done website only goes so far.