Regular Medical Review Officer Industries

It comes as no surprise that the DOT requires truck drivers, big rig operators, 18 wheelers drivers, and those with a CDL (commercial drivers license) are the most scrutinized of the population required to get regular drug screening. It is estimated that 75% of medical reviews performed by MROs are for those with a CDL, required by the Dept of Transportation to ensure our roadways are safe.


Medical Review Officers Are An Integral Part of Everyday Life

drug screening for teachers MRO
Medical Review Officers For Education

Our children are our most protected population as they should be. So it should come as no surprise - teachers, educators, staff, administrators, principles, superintendents, and those put in charge of educating our future leaders are held to a high-standard. Universities, elementary, middle school, high-school, private & public school systems, and school districts require their employees be tested prior to being hired to be around children. 

medical staff drug screening
Medical Review Officers For Healthcare & Hospitals

I think it goes without saying for staff that work in a hospital around potentially compromised and vulnerable patients as well as controlled substances so new and existing staff, nurses, doctors, etc must be drug & alcohol free while at the workplace. Our office serves as the Medical Review Officers for numerous highly respected hospitals and healthcare systems, as well as occupational medicine companies around the United

trucking DOT consortiums drug testing reviews
Consortium Medical Review Officers

At Substance Abuse Consultants, we deliver top-tier medical review officer solutions to fulfill the stringent requirements of our clients in DOT, USCG and FMCSA drug testing consortiums. Our cost-effective drug and alcohol MRO partnerships are designed to ensure compliance with all Federal DOT and FMCSA regulations. We cover pre-employment testing, random screenings, training, Drug Free Workplace program development, DOT reporting, and beyond, making adherence easy and accessible for individuals and businesses alike.


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coast guard drug screen medical review officer
Maritime & Boat Captain Medical Review Officers

To become a boat captain, receive your captain's license and/or charter boats commercially the US Coast Guard drug testing requirements include pre-employment, random, reasonable cause, post-accident, and periodic drug testing. LEARN MORE -> Substance Abuse Consultants services include MRO services for those looking to become or retain their captain's license status.

construction site workers drug screenings
Heavy Construction Industry Medical Review Officers

Not only does the Department of Transportation require those with a CDL transporting goods on our roadways to be regularly drug tested, those who operate heavy machinery such as excavators & bull dozers and cranes or work on around them, those who build roads, bridges, high-rises & do infrastructure work also have to be screened. 

police & firemen drug screen reviews
Government Branches & Offices

Those folks that work to keep the public protected such as police officers, firemen, ambulance drivers, administrators, and 911 operators in all states, are subject to drug testing prior to employment and during their time with the offices they serve. City, county, municipal, state, Federal, and judicial branches of government will need medical review officers to assist in verifying drug test results.

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